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My Journey

Greetings, I’m Zeynep.

As an avid gardener and a professional in content creation and graphic design, my journey intertwines my love for nature with my commitment to sustainable living and eco-conscious gardening.

My Projects:

From Novice to Gardening Enthusiast

My gardening journey began with a simple desire to connect with nature. Seeking a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for myself and my family, I was drawn to the principles of organic gardening. This wasn’t just a hobby, but a conscious decision to cultivate a space that supports both our well-being and the environment. Witnessing the transformation of our once barren backyard into a thriving garden has been a profound experience, one that I’m excited to share and continue to explore.

Blending Professional Expertise with Personal Passion

My professional ventures mirror my interests. I’ve led numerous digital projects, including Moms Green World, a platform dedicated to sustainable living and green practices. This project reflects my belief in the power of small, daily actions to make a positive environmental impact.

A Hub for Green Living is more than just a website; it’s a journey. Here, we share in-depth knowledge about sustainable gardening, providing guides and insights for gardeners across all levels of expertise. Our blog is a rich source of information, offering practical advice for those who share our passion for eco-friendly gardening.

Our Mission at

At, I blend my personal experiences with extensive gardening knowledge. This platform is more than just sharing information; it’s about fostering a community passionate about nurturing our planet and enjoying the simple pleasures of gardening.

Join me on this green journey as we delve into the world of sustainable gardening, one plant at a time. Let’s grow, learn, and create a greener future together.

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